Portable Protein Snacks

We are so busy juggling the activities in our day that it’s easy to skimp on eating enough of the right things, like protein. Protein is needed to build and repair our muscles, keep are hormones stable, enhance our overworked brains, and to ensure a working immune system.

Below are some of my favorite go-to protein snacks and small meals that are easy to prepare, portable, and provides you enough energy to accomplish your next task or training session.

.Protein Snack Box

This easy snack box is a great option for when you need to grab quick healthy snacks to keep hunger away. You’ll find a healthy dose of protein from the eggs, hummus, and almond butter along with fiber from the veggies and healthy fats to keep you satiated.

Use a compartmentalized container for the following ingredients:

+ 2 boiled eggs

+ ¼ cup hummus and ½ cup sliced veggies (such as snap peas, sweet peppers, and cucumber) 

+ 1 small apple or banana

+ 1 tablespoons almond butter

Greek Yogurt Parfait

Whole Milk Greek yogurt (unsweetened) gives you a whopping 19g of protein per serving, while the nuts and berries provide healthy fats and fiber to tame your blood sugar levels. Pack this portable recipe for a quick breakfast or snack. If you are dairy-free, you can substitute non-dairy yogurts for the Greek yogurt.

Using a small mason jar or portable container, layer the fruit, yogurt, nuts and seeds into the jar and sprinkle with coconut.

+Whole Milk Plain Greek yogurt

+¼ cup slivered almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds

+½ cup fresh berries of choice

+Dash of cinnamon

Gluten-Free Wraps

These wraps are packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants. Use as a lunch or for snacks to keep your hunger at bay.
Using large-leaf lettuce, such as romaine, collard, or kale, place the following ingredients in two leaves and wrap.

+½ cup cooked sweet potato (chilled or warmed, as desired)

+3 ounces grilled chicken (or other lean protein of choice, such as turkey)

+2 to 3 tablespoons salsa

+¼ of an avocado cut into chunks (optional) 

Nut Butter Protein Bites

For a tasty, on-the-go snack, whip up these no-bake protein bites. Toss a couple in a baggie and to have a great snack in a pinch. You’ll get a balanced helping of protein and healthy fats.

In a small saucepan add almond butter and honey. Heat until the honey is melted. Remove the pan from the heat and blend in the rest of the ingredients. Press into a pan or roll into balls. Chill and cut into bars.  Best kept frozen or in the refrigerator.

+1 cup almond butter

+2 tablespoons raw honey

+½ cup organic sunflower seeds

+1 scoop of whey, pea or rice protein powder (flavor of choice)

+¼ cup of raw unsweetened cacao nibs (or 1/8 cup of dark chocolate, chopped)

Quinoa Bowls

A great healthy snack or mini-meal, these quinoa bowls provides a good dose of protein and fiber. Make this the night before and you have a quick breakfast that’s waiting for you in the morning.

In a small bowl combine the following ingredients:

+½ cup cooked quinoa

+1 ounce slivered almonds or pumpkins seeds, cashews or sunflower seeds

+1 tablespoon organic unsulfured raisins or dried cranberries

+Fresh herbs as desired (basil, mint or cilantro)

+A dash of salt, a drizzle of olive oil, and lemon