We live and breath nutrition...

"Patricia is someone you want in your corner when it comes to nutrition.  She is always thinking about her clients.  She constantly checks in with you to see how you're doing and sends you relevant information as it comes up in her day-to-day life.  Not only that, but she is incredibly thorough. She researches everything and seeks answers from medical professionals when warranted. After implementing her suggested food and supplement regimen, I lost 7 lbs and 5 inches in 3 weeks and my athletic performance in mountain bike racing has improved dramatically.  On top of that, when I first started working with her, I had major morning fogginess, daily fatigue, and took a long time to recover from long workouts.  All of that is now gone!!!"

Kim, Mountain Bike Athlete

"As a Personal Trainer and Endurance Coach I have to wear many hats for my clients, mentor, coach, cheerleader, and tyrant among many others. When it comes to nutrition advice I immediately refer my clients to Patricia. She works with a number of our athletes at Precision Multisport including myself. Her attention to detail and knowledge of what will work best for an endurance athlete, as she is one herself, is what sets her apart in my mind.  
What I love about Patricia's approach is that she doesn't try to impose an unrealistic diet onto her clients. She analyzes the current diet and shares ways to improve by substituting certain foods and adding others as well as the right supplements for each individual.
Patricia is a vital part of the Precision Multisport coaching program, her invaluable advice to our clients is a big part of their success. I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their diet for better performance or just to feel better to contact Patricia!"

Coach JP, Precision Multisport

"Patricia helped my complete my first 70.3 with confidence and energy. She made me smarter, thinner and better able to manage my nutritional needs. I would highly recommend her to anybody that understands that the fuel is as important as the engine and the equipment."

David, Business Owner

"Patricia made me aware of the relationship between nutrition and performance. I noticed a decrease in muscle soreness after her suggestion of increasing my protein."

Quynlan, High School Swimmer and Runner